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Adams Black Jack Gum - 1 Pack

Adams Black Jack Gum - 1 Pack
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Black Jack gum is back, but for a limited time only. This Licorice flavored chewing gum is an an old time retro candy

The Original black licorice flavored gum from the 50ís and 60ís made fresh today, stock up as it will be gone again before you know it.

Thomas Adams added shredded licorice to chicle in 1872 and created a winner , he called it Black Jack, it is the first gum to be sold in stick form. It was sold well into the 70ís , when production ceased due to slow sales. In 2002 Adams was purchased by the Cad bury Company. Cadbury Adams Candy Company makes many other nostalgic chewing gum including Beemanís, Chiclets and Clove chewing gum. Gee I wish they would bring back the Sour Orange too.!!!!

Each Pack of Black Jack gum has 5 sticks.

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