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B B Bats Taffy Suckers

B B Bats Taffy Suckers
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BB Bat taffy suckers. Yummy taffy on a stick. B b bats are available in 4 flavors; Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and the new vanilla.

B B Bats have been around since 1924 and are a old time candy from the 50's. The BB stands for Bigger and Better. The Bats are baseball bats and on each wrapper ,you will also see a tiny figure of a baseball player.

If you have never had one of these taffy suckers give them a try.

Each box has Approx. 100 suckers in assorted flavors.Packaging varies. If you want a smaller quantity or just one flavor we have them in our 50's party favor section.

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B B Bats Favorite Old Time Candy
My favorite candy memory is about Banana Bat suckers! When I was seven years old, I chewed on a Banana Bat and ripped out a back filling. I hid the filling in my nightstand and just went on eating that yummy sucker! - Sue

When I was in grade school every spring my dad and I and brother's and sister would go to the mountains to hunt morel mushrooms. We'd usually go early Sunday morning and pass an apple orchard on the way and it had it's smudge pots burning to protect the buds on the trees from the frost. After we had spent an hour or so hunting mushrooms we always stopped at a little store on the way home and each of us kids would get a pack of candy cigarettes and 3 marshmallow cones which were my favorite,and BBBats Taffy Suckers. And a bottle of pop to wash it all down! We thought we had a million bucks! - Linda

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