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Be Naughty Save Santa A Trip

Be Naughty Save Santa A Trip
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This is the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Whether you have been naughty or nice this Christmas wall hanging will make you giggle. Each sign says " Be Naughty Save Santa A Trip"

They always say " santa sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes" Thats a lot of work for santa, this year make santa's job easier, buy all your sassy naughty friends one of the signs.

Santa will see these signs and know who has been naughty or nice, without even having to chech his list.

Each Be Naughty sign is 10 1/2" x 4".Handmade out of plastic canvas and will not be found in any stores.

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