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Bit O Honey

Bit O Honey
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Bit O Honey is an all time favorite nostalgic candy. Bit O Honey chews are a bite size sweet and chewy candy. A chewy chunk with the great taste of honey and tiny bits of almond pieces mixed in. Hard to believe this treat is fat free. Bit O Honey chews were one time a favorite penny treat. The original bit o honey was more like a bar candy with a wax paper wrapping. These chewy bite size honey flavored treats are the same great flavor as the original bars.

190 bit o honey bite size chews per jar. Please note we are out of bags of bit o honey we will be sending bulk bags instead.

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Bit O Honey Candy Memories
THANK YOU!!!! we had a wonderful time and the baskets were a huge hit. I kept hearing people say.."do you remember these?", "I haven't had these in forever", and my favorite was "do you remember when we gave a bit o honey to grandma and it pulled her dentures out" :)

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