Bit O Honey Bar

Bit O Honey Bar
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Bit O Honey Candy bar. Honey flavored chewy taffy candy filled with pieces of almonds. Each bar has 6 bit o honey candies wrapped in wax paper. A nostalgic candy from the past.

You get 24 1.7oz bars per box if you prefer just a few bars you can also buy bit o honey candy in a 6 pack on our 50's Party Favor's page.

Bit O Honey candy is just one of many nostalgic candies from the 50's and 60's that is still available today. These are known for being wrapped in a wax paper wrapping to keep the candy from sticking. Although it helps to keep it from sticking to the wrapper we can't promise it won"t stick to your teeth.

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Bit O Honey Candy Bar
THANK YOU!!!! we had a wonderful time and the baskets were a huge hit. I kept hearing people say.."do you remember these?", "I haven't had these in forever", and my favorite was "do you remember when we gave a bit o honey to grandma and it pulled her dentures out" :)


Bit O Honey Candy History

Bit O Honey candy first came out in the early 1900's . It was manufactured in Chicago, Illinois by Schutter - Johnson Candy Company. It was the first candy bar of it's kind as it was a taffy bar and not a chocolate bar. Each bar consisted of 6 honey flavored taffy pieces filled with almonds then wrapped in a wax paper wrapper.

Due to the success of the Bit O Honey bar, these yummy chewy candies are also available a bite size version. Same great candy just offered in individually wrapped pieces.

In the 70's a chocolate bar was made and called Bit O Chocolate, however it was not a huge success like the honey flavored Bit O Honey. It was only available for a short time then dropped from the Bit O Honey line.

Although these have been around since the 20's due to the hard economically times they did not become popular till the late 50's and early 60's. Today they are a favorite candy amongst adults and kids and are sill made with the same recipe and nostalgic wrappers.

In 1984 the candy line was purchased by Nestle Company and can still be found in many stores that carry a selection of old time nostalgic candies.

Bit O Honey Candy Commercial

We ran across this Bit O Honey Candy commercial from the 60's and thought you might enjoy it. Until I saw this commercial I forgot all about the Bit O Honey Peanut Butter Bar. Although it was good it just could not compare to the classic Bit O Honey.

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