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Charms What A Melon Blow Pops

Charms What A Melon  Blow Pops
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Charms What A Melon blow pops. Watermelon blow pops are are a great tasting fruity pop. With a watermelon flavored shell and a fruit flavored bubble gum inside. A favorite sucker of those who enjoy bubble gum lollipops. It's like getting two suckers in one.

Charms blow pops come in a variety of fruity flavors. Cherry Ice sucker, Black Ice - black raspberry sucker, Mean Green - Lime flavored suckers, Blue Raspberry pops, and way 2 sour blow pops. What ever your choice charms has just the sucker you are wanting.

If you enjoy watermelon candy then don't forget to get watermelon laffy taffy or Claey's old fashioned watermelon drops Both have great tasting watermelon flavor.

48 Charms What a melon - watermelon blow pops per box

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