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Bonomo Assorted Turkish Taffy

Bonomo Assorted Turkish Taffy
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Buy Bonomo's Turkish Taffy bars in an assorted box. Banana taffy, Strawberry Taffy, Vanilla Taffy and Chocolate. In each box you will get 6 of each of the different flavors of Bonomo's taffy. A nostalgic candy from the past.

Please note that this taffy does not normally come in an assort box, however we have had so many customers asking for an assortment of flavors. We have opened up the boxes and have made an assorted box. Now you can enjoy all the flavors of taffy instead of picking just one.

Each box will have 24 1.5 oz taffy bars.

Please note we are out of stock on the Banana taffy You will be getting 8 bars of each the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

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