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Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans
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Boston Baked Beans candy from Ferrara Pan. A peanut with a crunchy candy coated shell. Boston baked beans are now also called called peanut heads. This nostalgic candy is sure to bring back some memories.

24/.8 oz mini boxes

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Boston Baked Beans Candy Memories
Boy do these Boston baked beans bring back great memories. Every time I see them I get a huge smile. When I was a kid my aunt decided to take us to the movies. When we got there of course our first stop was the candy counter. The movie was about to start so my aunt said we had to hurry up and pick out something. My sisters knew what they wanted one picked snow caps and my older sister picked goobers.

There we so many yummy things to choose from I always wonder how my sister could pick something so fast. Well my aunt was getting a bit upset with me for taking so long so quickly I decided on boston baked beans which I must add I had never had before.

By the time we got all our candy and pop corn and drinks the movie had already started. My aunt said to wait till we found sits before we opened our candy and to be very quiet while hunting down a seat. The place was pitch black and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The place was pretty crowded and it seems we just kept walking.

I just could no longer wait to see what my candy tasted like, so I opened the box and attempted to dump them in my hand. The anticipation was killing me. Well I missed my hand and all my beans went rolling down the isle , boy do those beans make a lot of noise.

Everyone turned to look at us. It was a good thing it was dark so no one could see just how red my auntís face was. She grabbed me by the neck and guided me to our seats and did not say a word to me all the way home. I did get to taste of few of my candies, but not many.

I can remember that time like it was yesterday, however I have no idea what movie we even went to see. At many family gatherings this story comes up and from time to time I get a box of boston baked beans from her as a gift. We do laugh about it now, but back then I think she really wanted to kill me.

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