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Mallo Cup Candy Bar

Mallo Cup Candy Bar
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Mallo cup candy bar by Boyer. A Mallo Cup is a candy bar with smooth whipped creme marshmallow center mixed toasted coconut in a milk chocolate cup. These are very similar to a peanut butter cup, just with marshmallow and coconut no peanut butter.

Remember when the Mallo Cup candy bars had coins printed on the inside of the label ? I don't know why I collected the points as I never bought anything, I guess it was just part of being a kid.

Each package of Boyer Mallo Cup Bars has two marshmallow cups per pack, you get 24 packages per box.

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Mallo Cup Play Money
Mallo Cup candy bars have been around for many years and have a very loyal following. Boyer was the first company to create the cup like candy bar.

To reward their loyal customers, they came out with play money. This program also known as Coins Cards has been around for over 70 years. On the cardboard bottom tray of the packing you will find a number of points. They range anywhere from 5 to the rare 100 points. Collect 500 points and send them in to Boyer for prize.

In the early years you could cash in your play money for a box of candy bars. Over the years the program has changed. Now you can trade for rebate checks, watches , t shirts, marty mallo doll, coffee cups and more.

Mallo Cup History

The Boyd family started making candy in their family kitchen to help with income during the depression. The whole family helped. Bill would make the candy, the ladies wrapped the candy and brother Bob went door to door to sell the candy.

The mallo cup was not their first candy they sold. The started out with homemade treats like fudge and raisin nut clusters. With the success of these two candies they decided to try something different.

Their first attempt was chocolate covered marshmallows, however that did not go over to well as they could not get the marshmallow to stiffen. So Emily suggested to try cup cake papers and the mallo cup was born.

They became so successful that in 1936 the moved into their very first factory and created the first chocolate cup candy in the USA.

The Boyer brothers retired in 1969 and sold their company to American Maize. In 1984 it was then sold to Consolidated Brands in New York which has relocated to Altoona, PA. where is still operates today.

Boyer Mallo Cup Fun Facts

Mallo Cups were the first cup candy made in the USA.

Everyday more then 2,000,000 mallo cups are produced.

It takes 2 tons of the marshmallow cream to fill 2,000,000 mallo cups.

Play money has been available for more then 70 years.

In November of 2010 the first mallo dark chocolate cup will be introduced.

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