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Brach's Christmas Candy

Brachs Candy is one of the best known manufactures of Old Fashioned Classic Christmas Candies. Pick from cut rock candy, ribbon candy, filled raspberries, mint filled straws, Christmas nougats or Arabian Nights Christmas Mix. Christmas would just not be the same without some of the traditional candies filling your candy bowls.

Brach's Christmas Nougats
Brach's Crimp Ribbon  Candy
Brach's Filled Raspberries
Brach's Christmas Nougats

Reg: $5.99
Special: $4.59

Brach's Crimp Ribbon Candy

Reg: $3.66
Special: $2.56

Brach's Filled Raspberries


Brach's Wintergreen  Nougats
Brachs  Peppermint  Nougats
Brachs Holiday Mix
Brach's Wintergreen Nougats


Brachs Peppermint Nougats


Brachs Holiday Mix


Brachs Jelly Bells
Brachs Jelly Bells

Reg: $3.69
Special: $2.59

Brach's Candy Company History
Brach's candy company began in 1904 when Emil J Brach opened his own candy store and factory in Chicago after he invested in another company that had failed. Many of the marketing techniques he started then are still used today in old time candy stores and are very successful.

He came up with the idea of using barrels to display packaged candies and the use of candy counters made out of glass so these yummy treats could tempt you.

In 1966 the American Home Products company purchased the company from Mr. Brach making it the Brach's division of American Home Products. Jacobs Suchard then purchased the Brach's line in 1987 which was purchased by Barry Callebaut in 2003. After only 4 years, Barry sold out to Farley's & Sathers who remain the current owners.

As you can see, after over 100 years since the birth of Brach's candy, it is still around today. Not only is it still available , but even after all of the companies ownership changes, it is still as delicious now as it was then.

Brach's is known for a variety of confections, but there is none like their line of Old Fashioned Christmas candies. Many say that Christmas is just not the same without a bowl of filled raspberries, Arabian mix or filled straws. So many of these candies have become Christmas traditions carried out from one generation to the next.

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