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Brach's Crimp Ribbon Candy

Brach's Crimp Ribbon  Candy
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Brach's Crimp Ribbon Candy is a favorite nostalgic candy. A red, green, yellow and white striped candy with a cool mint flavor.

Crimp ribbon candy although shaped like a ribbon is different from Thin ribbon candy. Thin ribbon candy is a very thin longer piece of candy and some are a fruit flavor, while the crimp ribbon is only about an inch long and very thick and a great peppermint flavor.

We have many mint flavored Christmas Candies to choose from. Some of the favorites are jumbo mint balls, jumbo spearmint balls, peppermint bark, king leo soft peppermint sticks and of course giant peppermint sticks.

Each bag is 9.5 oz and contains approx 36 pieces. These are truly a traditional Christmas treat. These are somewhat delicate, we do our best in shipping to keep these from breaking.

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