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Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes
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Candy Cigarettes old fashioned candy sticks. A chalky candy stick that resembles real cigarettes. Each box of candy cigarettes has 10 candy sticks and available in 4 styles. Target, Victory, Round Up or kings.

24 packs per box.

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Candy Cigarettes Memories
These little sticks bring back so many memories for me. These were one of my favorite candies I ate as a kid. I remember when I was a little boy going camping with my family, there was a little general store my brother and I used to walk to for treats.

We would stand at the counter so long trying to make up our minds on what we should buy today; I think the guy behind the counter would get somewhat upset with us. After standing there for what seemed like hours we always ended up with the same thing. My brother always picked fun dip and gummy candy and I would pick my usual candy cigarettes. I can taste their unique flavor right now.

We always had such fun camping but my favorite memory is walking up to the store and buying my favorite candy. Usually by the time we got back to our campsite my treat was almost gone. Thank you for carrying these, now I can have a little piece of my childhood with just a click of a button.




I need to tell you this...I am a sugar freak...I love those things-I eat a pack at a time....I hide them from kids! They were a favorite as a kid- I'm 39 and obsessed with them all over again! Nobody carries them anymore. My parents live 75 miles away and there is a gas station that carries them. Do know how embarrassing it is to be a grown up buying 6 boxes at a time? I did end up buying a case from him-tried to make them last and now they are gone.

I can't wait! You made my day.

Thanks, Jean
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