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Candy Corn Salt Water Taffy

Candy Corn  Salt Water Taffy
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Candy Corn salt water taffy that tastes just like candy corn ! Yummy white, orange and yellow colored salt water taffy makes a great Halloween treat.

Salt water taffy no matter what flavor you like is one of the most famous taffies around. Salt water taffy is an old time favorite candy and remember most for being found in all the old time corner stores.

We have all your favorite Halloween candy favorites ; gummy eyes, gummy party parts, gummy skeleton bones, spiders, creepy crawlers, pumpkin seeds, wax fangs and lips and caramel apple suckers.

Grab a few packages of your favorites as all your Halloween guests will be thrilled.

Each bag of candy corn taffy is 1 pound and contains approx 70 individually wrapped pieces of salt water taffy.

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