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Candy Filled Easter Eggs - 3 pieces of candy

Candy Filled Easter Eggs  - 3 pieces of candy
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Candy filled Easter eggs. Each plastic Easter egg is pre filled with 3 pieces of candy. We use a variety of different candies when filling the eggs.

Frooties, tootsie rolls, warheads candy, swedish fish, smarties are sour patch kids are just a few of the candy found in these Easter Eggs. We try and mix it up so when the Kids open their eggs, they won't end up with all the same candy.

These are perfect for your Easter egg hunt or to add to your Easter Baskets. Color and candies will vary due to availability. Each candy filled Easter Egg is about 2 inches.

Our candy Filled Easter Eggs have been a huge success for corporate events, if we can help you with your Easter Egg Hunt let us know.

Please order early as quantities are limited, we make these to order so we will need some extra time. You get 1 dozen assorted eggs.

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Easter Fun Facts
History Of The Easter Egg

Easter eggs are specially decorated eggs given out to celebrate the Easter holiday and springtime. The Easter egg is the symbol of fertility and new life, they are one of the most known symbols of Easter. Customs and traditions are different throughout the world and go back for centuries.

Originally the eggs were brightly painted to represent sunlight and spring. Once they were designed they were traded by lovers and secret admirers, just like exchanges for Valentine's Day. In the medieval times they were normally given to the servants, but in Germany they were given to kids with other Easter gift.

Centuries ago the tradition was to dye and decorate hard boiled chicken eggs. Today it is customary to place your dyed eggs in a bowl on your table and fill plastic eggs with candy to hide supposedly by the Easter Bunny throughout the house and yard for kids to find Easter morning. It is also common to hide chocolate eggs, however the plastic ones are used mostly as usually an egg or two is never found till months later.

Easter Egg Games

There are two famous games. One is the egg roll; this is done with raw eggs. The idea of the egg roll is to roll your egg the farthest downhill without your egg breaking. The person that gets their egg the farthest without breaking wins a prize. The egg roll has become a tradition at the White House, it was started way back in 1872 and is the Monday after Easter. This was the first public egg roll, however it is not held at the White house, but on the grounds of the Capital.

Then you have the Easter egg hunt. This one is loved by kids. Many schools, churches and corporations have a hunt ever year. Plastic eggs are filled with candy and hide over acres of land. Kids gather with anticipation just waiting for the whistle to blow. As soon as they hear the whistle there is a mad dash to see who can get the most eggs. Many times the hunt is divided by age groups to allow the smaller kids to get their share. Whether they get 5 eggs or a dozen eggs, they are always thrilled to open them up and check what Easter candy was inside.

If you are planning an Easter egg hunt we can help. Whether you are planning a huge corporate even or a small home hunt Easter morning we have just the eggs for you.
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