Candy Lollipop Recipe

Here is a fun recipe for making your own suckers. Everyone loves old time lollipops. Make yours in any flavor you choose. These are perfect to make for any holiday.

Hard Candy Lollipops:

Use the same recipe as the Old Time Hard Candy.

After candy reaches 300 degrees remove from heat.

Stir in oil flavoring and food coloring.

Drop by spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet.

Lay sucker stick in place on each circle of candy.

Spoon another layer of hot candy syrup over each piece, make sure the sucker stick if covered.

Once candy is completely cooled carefully remove sucker from cookie sheet.

Lollipops With A Mold:

Molded suckers can be made by using a metal mold or plastic.

Coat the mold with vegetable oil before using.

Insert the rolled paper sucker stick into the cavity made for it.

After candy reaches the required cooking temperature and flavoring has been added, pour it into the mold.

Careful the mold will be very hot, do not attempt to touch or move the mold.

Let set until cool and turn upside down to release.

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