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Candy Ratings and Reviews

Candy ratings and reviews. Rate and review your favorite old time nostalgic candies. Share you thoughts with others on all your favorites.

Candy Ratings and Reviews Contest Guidelines:
Once or twice a week we are going to be posting a candy to rate and review on O’Ryans Facebook fan page. Rate the product for a shot at gift certificates from O'Ryans Village.

• Review should be descriptive, unique and constructive.

• Comments should be specific to the candy reviewed, however it may contain comparisons to similar candies.

• Review must be at least 50 words. If you want to write up more that’s great. The more detailed you are the better chance you have of winning.

• You may only rate each candy item once.

• Once the contest ends for that product, the ratings will be reviewed and the winner will receive a $5.00 O’Ryans gift certificate. Gift certificates may be combined, however they will expire in 60 days.

Reviews will be excluded if the review is offensive, abusive, or if profanity is used, if the content is the same as the product description or if you have copied a review that someone else wrote.

We will be posting the candy item to be reviewed on Wednesdays and the contest will run through Saturday. The winner will be announced and posted on our face book page on Mondays.

To make the contest fair, we will need at least 5 reviews per candy. So get all your friends involved and let’s everyone have some sweet fun!

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