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Candy Raisins

Candy Raisins
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Candy Raisins are back and as good as ever. The have the same shape, color texture, but most importantly the exact same flavor as the original candy raisins. Don't be fooled by other brands claiming they are the same as the originals.

Candy Raisins are a kind of strange little nugget. They have the texture of a Soft Gummi and a unique flavor. People discuss what exactly they taste like. These raisins are a Wisconsin favorite; we don't just eat cheese and bratwurst!

Candy Raisins are sold only in the metro Milwaukee area. Although Candy Raisins are manufactured throughout the year, they are only made in small quantities, based on orders received thus insuring freshness.

Candy Raisins were originally manufactured by three companies: American Candy Company, the Ziegler Candy Company, and the Haase Candy Company. Stark Candy Company began making its own version of the Candy Raisins in the early 1970s. Then the Necco Candy Company.

Now Lake Country Candies are making Candy Raisins and they are the exact same ones made by Necco. Buy yours today you will not be disappointed.

8 oz bag.

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Candy Raisins Memories
Milwaukee raisins were a treat that I never thought I would ever be able to enjoy again - a real journey back to my childhood in the early fifties in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - my birthplace and where I grew up. Thanks to a patient of mine who grew up during the same era as I and in the same area, I was informed about your website. Now, as if these strange flavored gum drops weren't enough to delight my 63 yr old soul, I also found the Indian salted pumpkin seeds that were another childhood treat - in my teen years when I had a tad more than a few pennies in my pocket. Those trips to the corner store, struggling over what to spend my few pennies on while staring down into the glass penny candy counter display are a wonderful childhood memory that time has not been able to diminish. Now I will have that wondrous taste to accompany my travels back in time to when this world was a kinder, gentler place and mortgage payments were my parents problems and not a concern of mine! Again, thank you!

Dr Sally Headding

Concord, CA

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI in the 60's and 70's. We lived in a middle class neighborhood of bungalows, and in those days you could walk everywhere for your basic needs. Within a few blocks of our house in various directions was a butcher, a general grocer, a post office, gas stations, many taverns, and a bakery which is central to this story. Our catholic school was only a few blocks from home, and I sure can't remember ever being driven to school. I had an older sister, and at the age of, I'm guessing she was maybe 9 and I was 8, we would go on errands for mom. "Run up to the butcher to get a pound of ground chuck for dinner, and get some buns too" Mom would say. When I was a little older, I can remember my dad throwing me two quarters to get him a pack of cigarettes....."and I want my change". Anyhow, our favorite errand was to the Bakery (I still remember the names of these places, but didn't know if I could include them). On Saturday morning, we would get sent to get a dozen assorted "sweet rolls" (us kids called 'em donuts). Mrs. (I remember her name too) would always come to the store front to help us. And we were allowed to use whatever pennies were in the change to buy candy raisins (I seem to recall she sold some other candy too, but candy raisins were our favorite). The price was 3 for a penny, and Mrs. would carefully count them out, throwing in an extra fourth for a penny towards the end winking to us to turn a blind eye to her playfully deceitful "cheating". For 4 cents, we would get 12-15 candy raisins, and I cherished them. I can remember getting my paper route at age 12. The "paper shack" was right around the corner, and I spent my own loose change to get some of those candy raisins. And she always remembered our names. For years after that, until I was 18, and even after when I would go to the old neighborhood (I joined the Marines right out of high school), when I went in for candy raisins, she remembered me and asked about my sister and brothers by-name. And this was in the city, mind you. And could you imagine elementary school children walking anywhere without adult supervision in our cities today?

Today at work, we were talking at the communal candy dish about some of the candies we enjoyed as children, and I mentioned them. It had dawned on me that through my travels as a career Marine and now government contractor in Georgia, that nobody ever recalls these delightful candies, but I will never forget them. Today, I "surfed the net" hoping to find mention of them and found your web site. Interestingly, I discovered from your site that these candies were exclusive to Wisconsin, so I ordered a couple of bags to take a trip down memory lane......nah, just so I can get some CANDY RAISINS!!


When I was a youngster around age 8-10 or younger can't exactly remember the age I was. But, my grandmother would send me to the corner store and at this store they had penny candy in a hugh glass case. When I was done she would give me some money for going to the store for her and I would go back to the store with my grandmother's dog spike he was a great dog which I always said was my dog. He never was on a lease and never ran away from home.

He would wait outside the store while I picked out my favorite candy and I especially loved candy raisins. The clerk would weigh my candy and it would only be like 5-10 cents but I would get a bag full of my favoirtes.

The bad part of this story is that when I was done and wanted to leave Spike just sat there on the stoop and did not move. I kept calling him and saying come on lets go home now. He just sat there so I proceded to pull him from behind his ears I found out they do not like to be pulled that way and he bit me by my thumb. I was so scared that my grandmother would be mad at me for pulling on Spike's ears that way. The bite was not bad just a flesh wound and my grandmother was not mad at all just very worried about me. Needless to say I got treated very well--------- plus I had my bag of candy raisins to enjoy.

To bad our children can not enjoy walking to the corner store and buying penny candy! I always enjoyed my summers with grandmother and knowing all the neighbors and the store people! -Eileen
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