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Charms Candy Squares

Charms Candy Squares
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Charms Candy squares are an old time retro candy favorite from the 50's and 60's, these are the original fruit flavored squares sold by the Charms Company now manufactured by Tootsie.

Each package charms squares come in 10 assorted fruit flavors. Each piece is individually wrapped in cellophane with the roll being wrapped in a foil type wrapping for freshness. This is the same wrapper the nostalgic favorite had many years ago giving you that little piece of nostalgia.

Customers who enjoy these charms squares, also enjoy charms sweet sucker, sweet and sour suckers and charms fluffy stuff cotton candy suckers. They all have the same fruity taste charms has been known for.

20 1 oz. packages of charms squares per box.

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Charms Candy History

Charms squares were just one of the candies that were sent to our soldiers in their rations pack during World War II. With their double wrapping for freshness it also gave these treats the ability to stand up to the worse weather conditions. Because of its long-lasting qualities, Tootsie Roll was one of the few companies that remained in production during World War II. Many soldiers would eat these for a quick energy boost.

Charms Company is also the manufacture of cotton candy pops, sweet pops, sweet and sour suckers and sour balls. In 1988 the Charms Company was sold to Tootsie Roll. The Tootsie Roll Company manufactures the tootsie pop, blow pops, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da-Pops and now the charms flat pops not only are the one of the largest candy manufactures in the world, but they are the largest producers of lollipops. They produce approximately 16 million suckers daily.

Tootsie Roll Industries today is one of the country's largest candy companies, headquartered in Chicago with factories also located in Massachusetts, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Mexico and Toronto.

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