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Necco Chocolate Wafers

Necco Chocolate  Wafers
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Necco chocolate wafers are a classic candy from the 50's. These are now back in the original recipe. You get a whole roll of Chocolate wafers classic candy in nothing but Milk Chocolate. A crispy disk shaped wafer that snaps when you break them. Necco wafers candy have been around for decades and still very popular today.

There has been resurgence in the popularity of NECCO Wafers in recent years as consumer demand for non-fat sweets has increased. In addition, feelings of nostalgia on the part of baby boomers and other age groups have once again made chocolate wafers a very popular treat.

Necco is known for all the confections like candy buttons, Clark candy bars, Mary jane, nut chews and the skybars.

Today, NECCO produces approximately four billion candy wafers on an annual basis. If the Wafers were placed edge to edge, they would go around the world twice. A whole roll takes about 40 minutes to eat. What other treat can make that claim?

If you enjoyed the chocolate wafers also try necco’s assorted flavored wafers.

You get 6 2 oz. rolls of necco chocolate candy wafers with approximately 36 wafers each.

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