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Chuckles Jelly Candy

Chuckles Jelly  Candy
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Chuckles are a soft and chewy fruit flavored jelly candy covered in a layer of sugar. Each bar has 5 pieces. Flavors include Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Licorice and Orange. A delicious gummy candy that doesn't stick to your teeth.

Each box of Chuckles has 24 2 oz bars.

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Chuckles Candy History

Chuckles are an old time candy that first came out in 1921 and are somewhat a hard to find candy. In the 60's they could be purchased at every country store, Five and Dime Store or Mom and Pop Candy stores. Although they are a bit harder to find they are well worth the search.

Chuckles are a product of Ferrara Pan Candy Company. Over the years the company has been purchased over and over again, but they are still a favorite retro candy that will be around forever.

1921 - Chuckles were introduced.

1970 - Chuckles Company was sold to Nabisco

1986 - Leaf purchased the brand after a management buyout.

1996 - Leaf was sold out to Hershey Candy Company.

2002 - Farley and Sathers purchased this brand Chuckles.

2011 - Chuckles brand candy was purchased by Ferrara Pan.
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