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Clark Candy Bar

Clark Candy Bar
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Clark candy bar. Each Clark bar has a milk chocolate coated outside with a peanut butter crunch inside. You get a chocolate, crunchy and sweet bar all in one.

Clark bars are now made by Necco and are now all natural. A great tasting nostalgic candy bar from the 50's.

24 1.75 0z Necco Clark Bars Per Box.

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Clark Bar History
The Clark bar was first introduced in 1917 by the D. L. Clark Company and was called just Clark. The Clark bar first came out as a 5 cent chocolate bar for the soldiers in World War I, this vintage chocolate bar is now manufactured by Necco,it is still as good today as it was yesterday.

Clark Candy Bar Memories

I stumbled onto your site by accident and talk about at trip down memory lane. Not only did I remember begging my mom to buy me most of these candies but also getting in trouble for trying to raid my piggy bank to them. I have to say though my most cherished memory is about your clark bars. My father was in the military and gone alot when I was a little girl, but when he came home his favorite candy bar was a clark bar. I would sit on his knee and we would share a clark bar and a pepsi while we watched John Wayne movies. When he left again I could never bring myslef to eat one without him (that was out thing) I though both were gone from my life. Thanks to you I still have the clark bars and some wonderful Memories. Forever an Army Brat, Pamela S. Bailey

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