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Classic Easter Basket

Classic Easter Basket
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Classic Easter Basket. This is the perfect Easter basket for all candy lovers. Marshmallow peeps, candy filled Easter egg, necco candy buttons/ dots, necco wafers, lemonheads, jaw busters,marshmallow ice cream cone, satellite wafers - flying saucers, jolly rancher sticks, pez, mary janes and a necklace. These are just a few of our old time classic treats found in this gift basket.

You won't go wrong with this Easter basket. It has a great mixture of old time classic favorites along with traditional Easter candies. This is perfect for kids, teens and adults. It will bring back treasured memories from the past for some and start new memories for others.

This gift basket has over 40 pieces of candy to delight anyone's sweet tooth. Trying to decide which piece to eat first is going to be a hard choice.

The style of basket varies due to availability. Please note that we are now using pastel colored baskets.

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