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Cry Baby Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Sour Gumballs
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Cry Baby sour gumballs is a extreme sour gum. Each sleeve has 5 sour gumballs that will make you pucker up. Cry baby flavors are: sour apple, sour cherry, sour watermelon, sour berry and sour lemon.

Each gumball has a sour sugar coating on them giving them the extra sour blast. These are not for wimps as the sour blast you get when you first bite into them will make your mouth pucker and your eyes water. Don't worry after the first 40 seconds the sour sugar is gone and you end up with a fruit flavor tangy and tart gum.

Cry baby gum has a great fruity flavor that is long lasting unlike many other gums where the flavor disappears after a few minutes. Although these gumballs will make your eyes water you will find yourself coming back for more. If you are really brave you will mix the flavors and eat two at time.

5 gumballs per tube 36 tubes per box.

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