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Dark Chocolate Caramel Swirl Hearts

Dark Chocolate Caramel Swirl Hearts
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Dark chocolate hearts with caramel swirled in them. These swirling caramel hearts make a great treat for Valentine's day. These are a perfect Valentine candy for those who like the taste of rich dark chocolate.

We also carry double crisp hearts, fudge hearts, caramel filled hearts. If you are looking for a non chocolate heart we have gummy hearts, sweet tart hearts and gobstopper heart breakers. Which ever type of candy hearts you are looking for we have them.

We have all your favorite heart shaped chocolates. Milk chocolate hearts, fudge filled hearts, caramel filled hearts and chocolate conversation hearts. You won't go wrong with which ever candy hearts you choose.

Each bag is 5 oz and has approx 14 foil wrapped hearts per bag.

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