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Candy Filled Easter Basket Bunny Box

Candy Filled Easter Basket  Bunny  Box
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Candy Filled Easter Basket Bunny Box. You asked for it, we listened. A lot of our customers asked for a "chocolate lovers" Easter Basket and here it is. We have filled this cute little festive Easter box full of everyone's favorite chocolate Easter candies.

The box is shaped like an Easter basket without the handles. The chocolate fiend in your life can sit it on his or her lap, turn on the tube and go to town. There is enough chocolate here to send anyone into chocolate overload bliss. Check out the contents below. You can't get this much happiness for this kind of price anywhere else.

Send this Easter bunny gift box to your some bunny special. It is filled with nothing but chocolate Easter candies. We'll even include a personalized gift card with it if you'd like.

Included in the cute bunny box :

• A solid chocolate bunny

• A double crisp bunny

• A Reese’s butter egg

• Caramel eggs

• Russell Stover Mini Egg

• Chocolate covered marshmallow bunny

• Hershey Kisses

• Chocolate Mini bunnies

• Peanut butter filled egg

* Pastel Junior Mints

Design on Easter box may vary

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