Cherry Fizzies

Cherry Fizzies
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Cherry fizzies drink tablets. Just drop one fizzies tablet into a bottle of water for a great tasting cherry flavored drink. Fizzies are a favorite retro candy from the 50's and 60's just recently are available again.

Buy fizzies candy in 7 different fruit flavors. Orange, cherry, cherry cola, grape, lemonade or blue raspberry. Each box has 12 tablets in a foil wrapper.

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Cherry Fizzies Old Time Candy Memories
One afternoon, when my two older brothers and I were little, my mother was taking a nap, and we shook her just enough, then asked if we could go to the corner store and get some candy . . .she said "Yes" and away we all went.

Of course, before we even asked her, we all went and emptied our piggy banks into paper lunch bags to take along with us and stuffed them into our pockets . . .that had to be a sight, all 3 of us with shorts on, barefoot, walking with bulging pockets, but we didn't care.

So on we went down through the back field, across the highway, to our favorite general store that had big jars full of penny candies just for us!

Well, this particular day, we saw a sign that said something like, "New! Fizzies candy! Just drop it in a glass of water and watch it fizz in different colors!"

We all had to have some so we all got different flavors of it, one of us got grape, one of us got cherry and one of us got orange.

When we got home, we went straight to the glasses in the cupboard and the kitchen sink to make up our "Fizzie" sodas.

We were all giggling and laughing and having a great time with them and Mom got up to see what we were doing. She took one look at us and shreiked!!!!! We had bubbles dripping off our chins and colored teeth and she said it looked like we were foaming at the mouths.

I'll always remember this as one of our fun times growing up. And my brothers and I will always remember the fun we had with Fizzies.

Gale - Salida, CO

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