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Flipsticks Taffy Lipstick Candy - 192 Count

Flipsticks Taffy  Lipstick Candy - 192 Count
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Flipsticks taffy lipstick candy by classic caramel. These chewy cherry flavored taffy rolls are an old time retro candy from the 50's. Flipsticks are remembered best as the candy wrapped in cellophane with a silver wrapper.

I am sure many of you remember eating these as a kid, rubbing them against you lips just like mom with her bright red lipstick.

Each bulk jar comes with approx 192 Cherry Flip Sticks. Smaller quantities are available on our 50's Party Favors page.

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I live in the small city of Perth Amboy NJ and when I was a growing up in the 60's we had several what we called corner stores because as the name implies they were usually on a corner, there were a few in my neighborhood that my friends and I used to frequent. One in particular was a store named Patsies, Patsy was an elderly women who owned the store, after I would do some jobs around the house helping my father he would give me a quarter and off I would go to Patsies for my treats. I can remember it as if were yesterday, the store was about a block from where I still live today. Patsies was a small store with a curved glass display case running the length of the store and it was filled with penny candy, jawbreakers, those little flying saucers, those candy lipsticks I don't know if those are made anymore, and at that time she would fill a small brown paper bag full of the candy I selected, 2cents worth of this 3cents worth of that and so on, until my bag was full of goodies, I used to walk out of Patsies thinking that I had the world by the you know what, those were the days.

- Peter
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