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Flip Sticks - The Lipstick Candy

Flip Stix  50's  Party Favors
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Flip sticks are a favorite from the 50's and 60's. These taffy flipsticks used to be called candy lip sticks when I was a kid. A great tasting chewy cherry flavor taffy roll. These are now made by classic caramels.

If you are planning a party flip sticks make a good treat. Not only do they make a great party favor for a 50's or 60's themed party, but they are also something knew to the younger generation.

12 cherry flavored flipsticks per goody bag.

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Penny Candy Memories
I was a city girl, raised in the South side of Chicago.

We were poor, I had to stand in line at school and be embarrassed waiting for my "lunch ticket" so I could get my free lunch when lunch time came...it was awful, BUT....after school if you had 25 Cents and you could get in line fastenough and run to our local candy store..(because it would get crowded) you were a happy camper!

they used to give us little tiny paper bags...and you would just pick from loose candy..and we would have it all half eaten by the time we got home...and you hardly could spend your 25 cents!!! it was penny candy days..and I sooo look forward to getting my lipstick (flipstick) candy from you all! It warms my heart to see hotdog gum and boston baked beans...I can't wait! Thank you!

Linda daydreaming in Pennsylvania of my former Chicago penny candy days. Linda
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