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Tootsie Strawberry Lemonade Frooties

Tootsie  Strawberry Lemonade Frooties
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Tootsie Strawberry Lemonade Frooties are one of the newest flavors of frooties. A bite size mini tootsie roll with a refreshing strawberry lemonade flavor. These are a perfect summertime treat.

Strawberry Lemonade is getting to be a very popular drink and many restaurants. You can't help but enjoy the delicious taste of strawberries and lemonade mixed together. You can also enjoy the taste with these frooties.

At one time you could get pink lemonade frooties, however they have been discontinued and replaced with the strawberry lemonade. It appears to have been a good choice, as the strawberry lemonade frooties are one of our best sellers.

Each bag has 360 frooties.

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