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Fun Size Candy Bar Party Favors

Quick to make candy people using fun size candy bars are perfect for Halloween treats, birthday party favors or any other occasion where you are looking for something cute and east to make.

All you need are some lollipops with faces, fun size candy bars and another type of long thin wrapped candies. We need to make some Halloween party favors that were last minute so decided to make some Halloween sucker people.

A longer candy bar works the best over something more square like a Reese's peanut butter cup. For the arms and legs we used smarties, but you could also use sweet tarts , small jolly rancher sticks, pez refills or Twizzlers mini licorice twists.
Fun Size Candy Bar Party Favors

Supplies needed are :

1 - Lollipops for what ever theme you are making them for with a face.

2 - Fun size candy bars, the long ones work the best.

3 - Some type of candy that is either a roll or long and thin.

4 - Glue of your choice. We found that a glue gun works the best, however due to the fact the candy is small you may end up gluing candy to your finger a time or two. So be careful the glue is hot.

Directions :

1 - Get all your candies together.

2 - Start with gluing the lollipop stick to the back of the candy bar, right down the middle

3 - With just a dab of glue attach the arms and legs.

4 - Once the arms and legs are attached make sure to lay them face down. Let them sit for about 30 minutes to make sure the glue is good and dry.

Pretty simple and they make up pretty quick. When we make them we usually will glue all the lollipops to the candy bars. The go back and attach the arms. Once all the arms are attached then the legs.

Although you are using all the same candy I am promise you know to will look alike.

These candy bar people are fun to make and very cute when done. Kids loving getting these as well as adults. With the variety of different types of candies available the possibilities are endless.
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