Grape Fizzies

Grape Fizzies
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Grape fizzies are one of the newest flavors of drink tablets. Fizzies drink tablets are a favorite retro candy from the 50's and 60's. Just drop one tablet in a 8 oz glass or bottle of water and watch them fizz into a tasty drink. Not only do these taste good, but they are also low in sugar making mom's happy.

Each box has 12 individually wrapped fizzies tablets, each in a foil wrapper for freshness. They are a perfect drink for on the go, as they are small enough to carry with you and fit in a bottle of water.

Fizzies also come in the following flavors; new Cherry Cola, Root Beer, Lemonade, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Orange. In fall they came out with 2 warm flavors hot cider you mix with water and hot coca you mix with milk.

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