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Gummy Hot Dogs

Gummy  Hot Dogs
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Gummy hot dogs by E Frutti.These mini gummi hot dogs are so cute they look just like a hot dog complete with ketchup, relish, mustard and bun all made out of gummy gelatin. These little gummy hot dogs are a chewy fruit flavored gummy treat.

Gummy hot dogs are a perfect treat to carry along to your kids little league game. After all baseball games and hot dogs go hand in hand. Not only do kids love these cute little hot dogs, but so do adults.

If you are looking for other hot dog novelties try hot dog bubble gum. Donít forget about the gummy burger, gummy lunch bags, geckoís, tangy tongues and especially gummy bears.

60 individually wrapped mini gummi hot dogs by efrutti each hot dog is approx 1"

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