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Gummy Candy Gift Basket

Gummy Candy Gift Basket
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Gummy candy basket. Nothing but gummies are found in this gummy candy gift basket. Each gift basket is filled with all your favorite chewy gummy treats. You get a 6oz bag of Haribo gummi bears and cola bottles, a gummy lunch, gummy hot dogs, gummy burgers, sour burgers, gummy geckos.

This is the perfect gift basket for any gummy lover. Whether you like sour gummies or just fruity gummies your tongue will be pleased with this gift basket and be begging for more. Adults love these chewy treats as much as kids. Many moms prefer gummies over other treats such as hard candies and chocolates. Gummy candy is not as messy for younger children as chocolate and many of these sweet treats are made with real fruit juice.

If you are looking for an Easter Basket, thinking of you gift, birthday gift or just a basket full of sweet treats you wont go wrong . This is perfect for an occasion. Style of wicker basket may vary, but will be filled full of chewy treats all individually wrapped.

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