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Haribo Gummy Gold Bears

Haribo Gummy Gold Bears
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Haribo gummi gold bears are the original gummy bears. A soft,chewy, fruit flavored gummi in the shape of little bears. Once you start eating these little bears it is hard to stop.

Each Gummi Bear has itís own unique flavor the white one is Pineapple; the green is Strawberry; the yellow is Lemon; the orange is Orange; and the red is Raspberry.

Gummy Bear History

The Gummy Bear originates from Germany where ii is known under the name Gummibar which means rubber bear .Hans Riegel invented the gummi bears the 1920s and it was the first gummy candy. Although this little bears have been around in Germany since the 20's, the first American made gummi candy wasn't made until 1982.

Each bag is 5oz.

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