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Hot Cocoa Fizzies Drink Tablets

Hot Cocoa Fizzies Drink Tablets
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Hot Cocoa fizzies drink tablets are one of the new flavors. Just drop a tablet in a glass of warm milk for a delicious hot chocolate. We also have the original fizzies candy flavors.

Fizzies are a retro candy that was very popular in the 60ís. Besides the two new warm flavors, they are also available in 7 fruit flavors. Pick from Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, Orange, Cherry, Cherry Cola or Grape.

In 2011 Amerilab Technologies decided to try their hand at 2 warm flavored drinks: hot cocoa and warm apple cider. When they first came out it was for a limited time only, however they are selling very well and I expect for them to be a permanent flavor.

Each box has 8 tablets.

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