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Jaw Busters

Jaw Busters
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Jaw Busters were once called jawbreakers, an old time classic candy by Ferrara Pan. These jawbreakers are little hard candy balls that change color and flavor as you eat them. Each box of jawbreaker jaw busters have 5 fruity flavors and are a fat free treat.

Hard candies are favorite choices among candy lovers because they take longer to eat than soft candies. One of the all-time favorites among hard candies is the jawbreaker, a spherical candy that can take hours to fully ingest. Jawbreakers are extremely hard and cannot be bitten or chewed.

The name "Jawbreaker" is a generic named used in the industry that indicates a little piece of hard candy and up in layers. Ferarra Pan changed the name from jawbreakers to jaw busters, the original jawbreaker to add a new twist to a favorite nostalgic candy. Same great old time taste, just a new name.

Some say jawbreakers are nostalgic, others say vintage and some even say it's a retro. But to us jawbreaker jawbusters are a good old classic candy we ate as a kid.

Did you know that it takes 14 to 19 days to make one single jawbuster, no wonder they taste so good.

Each box of jawbreakers - jaw busters contain 24 .75 oz boxes per case.

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A Bit of Jawbreaker History
A bit of confusion exists as to which company is the creator of the jawbreaker hard candy since quite a few candy companies tried their hand at making it. However, Ferrara Pan developed a reliable recipe that produced what has become known as “The Original Jawbreaker.” The word jawbreaker has also been used interchangeably with the words hard candy. It is often used generically to indicate a wide variety of hard candies including gobstoppers, atomic fireballs, and more.

The Secret to Making Jawbreaker Candy

The secret to making hard candy that lasts a long time while it is being eaten is the way in which it is made. This candy-making process is critical to the long-lasting nature of the jawbreaker. A hot-panned process is used to make this particular candy starting with a single grain of sugar. Hot, rotating pans are used in this process in which additional grains of sugar are added one at a time to create the finished product.

Throughout the candy-making process, flavorings are added to give the jawbreakers their unique taste. Toward the end of this hot panning, the jawbreakers are given a color coating. The inside of the jawbreaker does not change color, but remains white.

Why Choose Hard Candy

Hard candy takes longer to eat than soft candy. In fact, it takes hours for someone to suck all the way to the end of a jawbreaker, making them the perfect choice for someone who is driving for hours, attending a long presentation, or watching a movie. Of course, hard candy is good anytime of the day or night due to its tempting sweetness.

Jawbreaker Trivia

A single original jawbreaker takes between 14 and 19 days to form using the hot-panned process.

It is the addition of the sugar in single grains in combination with the hot-panned process that makes jawbreaker candy so hard.

The original jawbreakers were only one-half inch in diameter.
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