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Junior Mints Candy

Junior Mints Candy
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Junior mints candy. Junior mints are a rich and creamy mint that is covered in dark chocolate. A favorite nostalgic candy from the 50's and 60's. There is nothing junior about the king size cool mint flavor.

These are one of the most popular candies bought at the theater. Sno caps, bit o honey, sugar babies and jujubees they are great movie fun treats too.

24 boxes.

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Junior Mints Creamy Mint Covered With Dark Chocolate
Jr Mints are my favorite old time candy.

A Rich mint flavor covered with DARK chocolate. These are great to eat by the handful or add them to ice cream yummy! Gives your breath a fresh smell!!!!!!!

Jr Mints also come in pastel colors at Easter.

They make good candy to put in nut cups for party favors.

Nancy - NJ

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