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Kits Taffy Candy

Kits Taffy Candy
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Kits taffy candy. Kits candy are an old time taffy. Bite size pieces of old fashioned taffy in assorted flavors that will just melt in your mouth. Kits come in 4 great flavors of taffy; Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and new vanilla flavor. A favorite retro candy since 1924.

100 kits per box.

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Kits Candy Memories
I was born in 1953. My parents were cotton mill workers, and we had a maid who kept us while they worked. I remember when Mama paid our maid on Fridays, she would tell her not to spend that money on us because that was her money. But after they went to work, the maid would walk with us up a big hill right near where we lived. It was a long, hard walk for a small child but the anticipation of what was ahead of us made our trip well worth it. There was a produce stand at the top of the hill across the highway. They also sold candy. I never knew the name of that store. To us, it was the Top-o-the-Hill. I guess we heard that so much that we actually thought that was the name of the store. We LOVED going to the Top-o-the-Hill. We could buy a lot of candy for 10 cents. I remember what a task it was for my sister and me to choose so carefully what to put in that little brown bag. There were BB Bats, Kits, Mary Janes, Sugar Daddy suckers, Black Cow suckers, Boston Beans, Jaw Breakers, Bit-o-Honeys, Chic-o-sticks, Moon Pies, candy bars like Pay Day, Baby Ruth, and a 7-up that had 7 different candies in one bar. (I hated the jelly block!!) Going downhill was much a much sweeter venture than going up! Our maid would tell us, "Now, don't you tell your mama I bought that candy for you." And we would happily agree.

That store is still there. Well, part of it anyway. I was riding by on my way to work a few months ago, and I saw that the roof was caved in. I thought maybe they were bulldozing it down, and I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. ( I am sooo sentimental.) One day while riding by, I had this bright idea. I am an artist in my spare time. I thought that maybe I would go the house next door and find out who owns the building and ask if I can have 4 wooden boards that would be suitable for a frame for a painting. I have this vision of a beautiful (maybe abstract) painting of all the old candy that we use to buy from that store and framing it in the wood. Of course, that would be the name of my painting - Top-o-the-Hill. I told my husband, and he is going to go with me. Hopefully, one day it will be hanging on my wall.

I have been worried though because I knew I had to find all of this candy somewhere, and I wasn't sure how much of it was still around. And what a nice surprise! I found 50s and 60s candy on your web site! And now of course, after seeing all the goodies from back then, I'm wanting to order a gift for my sister and another for my hubby and me, and who knows who else. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have brought to mind, and for keeping a part of my past alive. Will be ordering soon. - Beverly

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