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Laffy Taffy Assorted Flavors - 12 Pieces

Laffy Taffy Assorted Flavors -  12 Pieces
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Laffy taffy is not only a famous wonka candy , but is a favorite of all taffy lovers. Can't make up your mind which flavor laffy taffy is your favorite or you like them all. You're in luck, we have a 20 piece variety pack with you in mind.

Each goody bag of laffy taffy has 4 of our most popular flavors; Apple, Banana, Cherry and Strawberry. 5 pieces of laffy taffy squares each. If you already have a favorite flavor we also have laffy taffy available by the jar in our willy wonka candy store. Laffy Taffy is available in many fruity flavors- Strawberry, Grape, Banana, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon and Sour Apple with a silly joke on every wrapper.

Our laffy taffy variety pack is great for classroom parties, goody bags for birthday parties, stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers Halloween treats or just to eat.

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