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Lemonhead Candy

Lemonhead Candy
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Lemonheads are truly a classic candy. A sour lemon ball covered in a softer lemon shell. When you bite into these first you get a sour lemon blast then a sweeter lemon flavored candy. Wow Pucker Power.

Lemonheads are a favorite old time candy from the 60's. The are available in this min size box or they also come in a Giant Lemon Head in a 140 count tub. Which ever size you prefer you will love the great lemon flavor.

24 .80 oz Packages Per Box

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Lemonheads Candy Review

Lemonhead Candy History

Ferrara Pan Lemon heads are a favorite candy from the 60's. They have been around for over 40 years and are the number one seller of the "headline " brand of Ferrara Pan.

Did you ever wonder how a lemonhead is made ?

Lemon heads are made using a cold pan process that was developed in 1962. When making lemon heads they start from the inside out. The cold pan process starts taking the sour lemon ball centers and tossing them in revolving pans. While these sour balls are revolving the color,lemon flavoring and other ingredients are added. These steps are repeated over and over again until the diameter of the candy reaches the size that is desired.

Lemonhead Candy Review:

Lemon heads have always been one of my favorite candies. I love the sour lemon taste. I can remember smuggling them in to class with me, however I have to admit. I had many teachers who also enjoyed eating my lemonheads that they took away from me on their teaching breaks.

The lemon flavor was so addicting and I loved biting into the shell of the candy. 35 Years later I am still eating these, but now I have to share them with my kids.

Although there are many other lemon flavored candies available these are still my favorite.

Terry - Cincinnati , OH.

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