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Marshmallow Candy Cones

Marshmallow  Candy Cones
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Marshmallow Ice Cream cones are an old time nostalgic candy. A wafer candy cone with marshmallow ice cream. 1 Candy cone per pack.

Looking for nostalgic candy we have 100's to choose from. Browse through our selection and enjoy a sweet little blast from the past.

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Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones - Favorite Candy Memories
I have a great memory of my grandparents on my father’s side who were Hungarian immigrants.They lived in a mobile home just up the street from a convenience store. Whenever my siblings and I would visit we always wanted to go to the store for candy.

My absolute favorite was the marshmallow ice cream cones. “Grandma Vincze” would not always like to go with us so she would hand one of us her coin purse to go to the store and buy anything we wanted. Now remember this was back in 1965 ’66.

A penny went a long way and we could walk anywhere with very little fear. We would all come back with our hands and pockets full of candy.

Mine of course full of marshmallow ice cream cones. We still live within driving distance of where their mobile home was, it’s now a used car lot, and every chance I get to tell this story to my 2 grown sons I tell it. I know they get tired of hearing it and could probably tell it themselves but I just love reliving the wonderful memory.

Thank you for letting me re-live this memory again.


Growing up in a small community, my grandfather played as Santa Claus in our local mall. Even though I was young I'd never mistake my grandfather as Santa. He had loving eyes that would melt any ones heart. He always gave us brown paper bags full nostalgic candies. Siblings and cousins looked forward every Christmas to receive their candy bags from him.

My most favorite was the marshmallow cones. Now that he is no longer with us, I hope to continue the same traditions with my two children and nieces and nephews.


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