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Mint Juleps Retro Candy

Mint Juleps Retro Candy
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Mint Juleps an old time candy from the 50's. Light green square taffy chews with an incredible minty flavor. For awhile these minty treats were gone, but Necco has brought them back. They have the same old fashioned flavor as they did originally back in the 1930's.

240 Mint Julep candies per jar. That is over 5 pounds of minty chewy candy.

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Mint Juleps Childhood Candy Memories
Penny candy was the best ever. I remember going to Aubin's where they had a huge glass case full of penny candy. A dime would buy you a small brown bag full. Especially if you got the ones that where 2 for a penny. Squirrels nuts and peanut logs where my favorites. My sister loved mint juleps and another sister loved the wax lips she looked so funny we would get such a laugh at her, then she would chew that stuff what seemed like forever. Mint juleps where 2 for a penny many where 2 for a penny and some just a penny. I remember many times me and my sisters and brother would combine our money, with 5 sometimes we would get as much as 50 cents worth of candy it depended on how much we earned that week, we would all just put all our pennies and nickels mostly, on the counter and we would get just about everything we all liked and it would last us for a week. Mind you back then when you bought 50 cents worth of penny candy it was a lot, so much candy it was amazing. Sometimes it was maybe 20 cents or a quarter combined but it didn't matter you could still get a lot. Zagnuts another favorite of mine yummmmm........ It was great as a kid around Christmas we would save our pennies and nickels and buy each other penny candies for Christmas. Being all excited because we earned our pennies, nickels and dimes doing errands for mom and dad or neighbors and being able to buy candy and wrap it up for each other. Another store back then John's market would take food coupons and we could get candy with it that was another great place to get penny candy as a kid. Thinking about it now many families where poor and as a kid penny candy was just the best thing going and when we didn't have any money we could take a coupon and get penny candy...........I love thinking about those times when you earned a penny, nickel or dime and being able to go get penny candy, or bringing in a coupon for candy. Those stores are long gone now but I will always treasure those memories. - Lois

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