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Mummy Halloween Party Favor Cups

Make you own Halloween mummy cups. These are perfect party favors for Halloween and pretty simple to make. These are great to make with your kids for their parties or gift to their friends.

You can make your mummy cups any size you want. We used a 6 oz cup, however if you want something smaller just get a smaller cup and gauze. If you are making these with your kids, you might not want to use a glue gun to keep fingers from getting burnt.

This are fun to make and very simple, you don't have to be crafty to pull this off. If you are looking for a last minute Halloween gift these mummy cups are perfect.

Mummy Halloween Party Favor Cups

Supplies need are

1 - Styrofoam cup we used 6 oz.

2 - Gauze - we used 2 inch

3 - 2 large wiggly eyes per cup

Instructions :

1 - Starting at the back of the cup add some glue and attach the gauze. Note : if you are using a hot glue gun be careful not to burn your fingers as the clue will leak through the gauze.

2 - Start wrapping the gauze around the cup loosely. You don't want to wrap it tight, as you want to make it look like a mummy.

3 - Put a few dabs of clue here or there when wrapping the gauze.

4 - Add your eyes and fill with candy.

4 - Glue Gun

5 - Candy of your choice
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