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Necco Original Conversation Hearts

Necco  Original  Conversation  Hearts
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Necco Original conversation hearts. Necco conversation hearts in the original flavors are now available in a 15 oz bag. These are the original flavors that everyone loves. Banana, Lime, Grape, Cherry, Orange and Wintergreen. Tiny pastel hearts with sassy sayings of love.

These tiny conversation hearts are back. Although a few years ago they changed the flavors and made them softer, the originals are back in a bulk bag. Once again you can enjoy your favorite nostalgic candy, in the same great flavors you ate as a kid.

Sweethearts brand conversation hearts are the number one selling candy for Valentine's day that is not chocolate. Please note these do not say Necco original hearts on the bag, they are repacked, however they are the original heart.

Each bag is 15 oz.

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