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Necco Wafers - 24 Count

Necco Wafers -  24 Count
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Necco wafers in the original assorted flavors are back and available to buy at our candy store. Everyone's favorite nostalgic candy wafers in the original 8 flavors.

Flavors Include

Clove - Purple

Cinnamon - White

Lemon - Yellow

Lime - Green

Licorice - Black

Orange - Orange

Wintergreen - Pink

Chocolate - Brown

These are a favorite candy from the past. Everyone remembers these pastel candy disks in a variety of flavors that come wrapped in a wax paper type wrapper.

In 2010 necco wafers in the original flavors were discontinued and replaced with all natural flavors. In doing so the lime flavor ( green ) was dropped. We are so happy to say that necco has come back with the originals and hope they are hear to stay.

Our customer prefer the original flavors over the all natural ones.

Each box has 24 rolls.

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