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Nerds Spooky Eyes Bubble Gum

Nerds Spooky Eyes Bubble Gum
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Nerds spooky eyes bubble gum. Buy spooky eyes bubble gum that are filled with crunchy nerds. Each gum-ball is white with red speckles making it look blood shot with a black iris , then filled with fruit flavored Nerds.

Nerds spooky eyes gum make a perfect addition to your Halloween treat bags or treats. Just think how much fun your ghosts and goblins will have biting into these spooky bubble gum eyes and having they crunch.

This are a new Halloween candy this year and so far are very popular. Everyone loves bubble gum eye balls and nerds. You won't go wrong when buying nerds spooky eyes.

Nerds spooky eyes are nut free and gluten free. You get a bag of 40 individually wrapped bubble gum eyes.

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