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Christmas Gift Basket Filled With Nostalgic Candy

Christmas Gift  Basket Filled With Nostalgic Candy
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This Christmas Candy Gift Basket is filled full with all your favorite nostalgic candy. A perfect gift basket for sharing as it has over 100 pieces of retro and nostalgic candy.

Fruit Flavor Mini Tootsie Rolls, Wax Bottle Candy, Lemon Head, Boston Baked Beans, Candy Necklace, Bubble Gum Cigars, Smarties, Coconut Long Boys, Sugar Daddy Lollipops, Razzle Bubble Gum, Candy Cigarettes and Rain blo bubble gum just to name a few.

Our nostalgic Christmas basket is a huge hit for the hard to buy for on your naughty but nice list! Give it as a present or use it as a centerpiece on your table or desk. Share a piece of your childhood with your co workers, family and friends.

Style of basket may vary due to supply. From time to time we run out of a certain candy due to manufacture delays, we will substitute a candy if need be of equal value rather then delay you order. These Christmas Baskets are made to order so please allow enough time when ordering.

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Nostalgic Candy Memories - Gift Basket

Hi Melody, This is to let you know that my nostalgic candy gift basket was received Wednesday or Thursday of last week. I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it! I talked with my brother,about this gift basket that he sent to me. We went on about the memories it brought back about walking to the neighborhood grocery store and buying a nickle's worth of penny candy in the brown paper bag. We thought we were rich with that bag full of candy! The candy cigarettes, the dots on the paper sheet, the soda bottles with the drink, the black jack gum (do you carry the clove gum?). What about the circle of black licorice with the candy dot in the middle - I can't remember what they were called. How about pixie sticks with the sugary koolaid in them? You'd rip the end off and pour the powder in your mouth. What about red waxed lips or the black mustache. Growing up in the 50's, these are some of the things I remember most. It is truly amazing what simple little pleasures stay with you after all these years. even my 24 year old son had fun going through the basket. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work!

Mary - Georgia
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