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Squirrel Nut Zippers

Squirrel Nut Zippers
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Squirrel nut zippers candy are also known as squirrel nut chews. Nut zippers are a bite size caramel candies filled with pieces of peanuts a favorite candy from the 50's.

These chewy peanut caramels are one of many retro candies we carry. They first came out in 1890 and are still a favorite treat today.

The Squirrel Brand Company were the original makers of these caramel treats located in Cambridge Massachusetts. They then sold to Necco Candy Company which is still the manufacturer today. There is now a public park where the original company once stood. The name of the park is non other than Squirrel Brand Park.

Each jar of Necco squirrel nut zippers has 240 individually wrapped candies for hours of chewy fun.

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I recall that in 1950 and thereabouts I had very limited funds. When I had a spare nickel I would buy Walnettos or Nut Chews because I could chew them very slowly and eat them very sparingly so that they would last me a long time. Besides lasting a long time they were really good also.

There's a lot of candy stories out there, Fay

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