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Old Time Candy Bingo Game

Would you like to win some free old time candy? Then join O'Ryans Village old time candy bingo game. We have played a few bingo games already and everyone seems to have a good time.

This time we decided to go with all words relating to old time candy. We will need your words emailed to us no later then 4/15/12, game will begin on 4/16/12. The first fan to yell bingo wins.

Bingo Guidelines:

Become a fan of O'Ryans Village facebook page as that will be where we will be placing the bingo words that we call.

We will post a list of words from you to choose from.

You will pick 15 words then email them to us at oryans@web-partners.net. Make to post on our facebook page that you emailed us words so we can check for your list.

Everyday we will pick 2 or 3 words throughout the day

You will need to check your list and post if you had any of the words that we called that day.

The first fan to have all their words called and post BINGO is the winner, we will check the list you emailed us to make sure there was no errors. If more then one fan wins we will pick a random winner.

You will then be mailed a prize PLEASE NOTE if the winner does not live within the 48 ground states, you will receive a gift certificate for our store.

We must have all words emailed to us by 4/15/12.

Bingo Game will begin on Monday 4/16/12.

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