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Quick and Easy Halloween Candy Centerpiece

Looking for a Halloween centerpiece for your party? This is a quick and easy Halloween centerpiece. This is not only perfect for your Halloween parties, but also great to put on your desk or coffee table.
Quick and Easy Halloween Candy Centerpiece

This cute Halloween centerpiece is inexpensive and easy to make. Not only is it cute but also edible. With a few simple items you can create one too. Supplies needed:

• Container – I used glass container 5” high and 4” in diameter

• Candy Corn – I used Brach’s Autumn Mix

• Halloween Peeps

• Bamboo Skewers

Pour your candy corn whether you go with traditional candy corn , Indian corn or autumn mix into your contain. Depending on the size of your containers will determine how much candy you will need. We were able to use one 22 oz bag to fill ours.

Place your Halloween peeps on the skewers, be careful they are sharp. The sharp end is the end you will want to place into the candy. Cut the skewers to desired length. Insert your ghost and pumpkin sticks into your candy.

You are done !

You can make it more elaborate or as simple as you want. Our cost was about $7.50, but we still had peeps left over to eat.

You could probably makes these a day or two ahead of time without the peeps getting hard.
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